Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you for coming out to support our first Harvest Feast!

Dear, dear ones,

Thank you so much for coming out to support our first Harvest Feast last night!

I'm sorry I didn't get enough time to hang out with each of you, but it was what I call "enthusiastic chaos"! The darling children ran around taking their jobs as ushers and wait staff very seriously, and I was tied to the kitchen stove. When I finally surfaced to speak with people, three-quarters were already gone!

Anyway, thank you Kathee for bringing your friends, especially Fenecia and her 2 sweet children. Thank you Tim and Evelyn for lending your darling children out to the staff (your daughter is so darling in how seriously she took her job -- they were a joy to be around). Susan, it was great seeing you, and I love your hair longer. Amy, Heather and Mary, a joy as usual.

I spent all of Saturday recovering, and surfaced around 5pm. I do hope you all got enough to eat. Someone has already asked me about the next feast!?:)

With love,

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